Stuff I Wrote About Magpie


Apr 17 Well Done: A Sentinel Value
Feb 24 Iteration Inside and Out, Part 2
Jan 13 Iteration Inside and Out


Jun 12 Multimethods, Global Scope, and Monkey-Patching


Jun 06 Magpie Wants You!
Apr 21 Multimethods, Multiple Inheritance, Multiawesome!
Mar 19 Pratt Parsers: Expression Parsing Made Easy
Feb 13 Extending Syntax from Within a Language
Jan 16 Pattern Matching in a Dynamic OOP Language


Dec 31 Rethinking User-Defined Operators
Dec 14 The Trouble with Constructors
Nov 08 Refining Exceptions and Error Codes
Oct 29 Bootstrapping a Type System
Oct 01 Solving the Expression Problem
Sep 28 Ruby Blocks, Python’s “with”, and Magpie’s Test Suite
Sep 18 Future-Proofing, Uniform Access, and Masquerades
Sep 01 A Type Checking Conundrum!
Aug 31 Type Checking a Dynamic Language
Aug 23 “void”, “null”, “Maybe” and “nothing”
Aug 01 Class in the Front, Proto in the Back


Dec 26 Conditional Binding with “let” in Magpie
May 15 Loops in Magpie
May 05 One and Only One
Apr 26 Stupid Magpie Tricks (Or: Yes, I’m Making a Programming Language Like Everyone Else)