Meltwater: A Color Theme for XCode

July 07, 2010 code design

Because I’m a visual kind of person, one of the first things I do on a new machine is get the syntax highlighting in my IDE(s) to something I like. At the moment, I have a couple of different Macs that I work on, so I needed an easy way to share my XCode color theme between them. I figured I may as well put it up on GitHub. And if I’m going to do that, I figured I may as well share it with the world.

The theme is called “Meltwater”, and it looks like this:

Screenshot of the Meltwater color theme

(I’m also using Raph Levien’s beautiful Inconsolata font if you’re wondering.)

You can find the theme here. Save it into your XCode preferences directory here:

~/Library/Application Support/XCode/Color Themes

Then you should be able to see “Meltwater” in XCode in the list of color themes. Enjoy!